Writing Topics and Giving Replies

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Writing Topics and Giving Replies

Post by Rie Tsuki on Wed Feb 03, 2016 8:24 pm

Dear members,

You are allowed to start your own topic. Please pay attention to the forum's categories you are writing on. Moderators may delete your topics which are not suitable for the main category. Moderators will give you certain warning on your topic first before it is deleted.

If you share certain news, pictures, articles, lyrics, or download links, please write down the sources if you take those from others' accounts. It will be better if you copy the link to your post.

Sharing fan art, fan fiction, or doujinshi are allowed as long as you get permission from the writer/drawer/owner/uploader. Don't forget to write it down on suitable forum's categories.

All members are allowed to leave reply messages on certain topics. You may use Bahasa or English both in starting a topic and giving replies. No dirty words, bullying, harassing others, and claiming other people's work! Watch your language and mind others' feelings! Moderators may ban other users who are not following the rules.

You may contact moderators for more information.

Enjoy your time~
Rie Tsuki

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